Aesthetic photovoltaic system: MS 5 PV

Aesthetic photovoltaic system: MS 5 PV

With the MS 5 PV you can produce your own electricity, protect the environment, and take pleasure in an attractive roof. Unlike surface-mounted systems, it is harmoniously integrated into the roof, creating an architecturally composed and uniform appearance. It goes without saying that the system is storm and rain-proof.


Product benefits

The NELSKAMP MS 5 PV tile has been specially developed for photovoltaic modules. It is a hard, extremely weather and frost-resistant, and regarded in the industry as an innovative roof tile for discerning roof architectures.

The MS 5 tile is made of a ceramic material and has a water absorption rate of less than 3%, which gives it an extremely long service life.

In contrast to frame-mounted photovoltaic systems, the NELSKAMP MS 5 PV and MS 5 2Power systems are harmoniously assimilated into the roof. As a result the roof surface is homogeneous, and it also offers impressive storm and rain protection.

With the MS 5 PV, the clay tile is the dominant element in the roof design.

  • High economic efficiency
  • Rain and storm-proof installation
  • Preservation of the roof aesthetics
  • Integrated on the roof tile
  • Warranty on the rated output: 10 years 90% / 25 years 80%
  • Product warranty: 10 years

Sophisticated technology, simple installation

The large-format Nibra MS 5 roof tile has been specifically optimised to accommodate the PV modules for quick and easy installation. After laying the tiles, the roofer then installs the photovoltaic modules. The module’s top profile rail is pushed into the tile’s ceramic groove and fastened to the bottom of the tile with black stainless steel double brackets and two screws. The system is then connected to the mains power supply by the electrician.

All modules are fitted with a special frame that matches the aged colours of the engobed tile. The cables run safely under the roof covering.

Aesthetic solar energy roofs

The innovative mounting system gives your roof a composed and harmonious appearance. The tile is still the roof's main design element. With the MS 5 PV system (in contrast to conventional systems) the roof retains its characteristic appearance.

High energy yield

Even diffuse light is sufficient for the monocrystalline PV cells to generate electricity because they have a particularly high efficiency of 18.3%. As a result, the MS 5 PV also offers excellent value for money.


Colours & Surfaces

Detailed information about the tile can be found here:


Technical Data

Module output Pmax 120 Wp
Rated working current Im 9,23 A
No load voltage Voc 16,00 V
Short circuit current Isc 9,86 A
Max. working voltage Vmp 13,01 V
Max. system voltage 1000 V
Temperature coefficient Voc - 0,30 %/°C
Temperature coefficient Isc + 0,07 %/°C
Temperature coefficient Pmpp - 0,38 %/°C
Hail resistance acc. to IEC 61215 & IEC 61730
Cell efficiency 18,3 %
Weight of module 9,5 kg
Module size 1965 x 399 x 25 mm
Connection plug MC4 compatible
Solar cables 2 x 4,0 mm², length 1000 mm
27.09.2017. Subject to change without notice.



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