NIBRA® Triple-trough Grooved Tile MS 5

NIBRA® triple-trough grooved tile MS 5 (adjustable tile)

The MS 5 with 3 troughs continues the tradition of the double-trough grooved tile. As a large-area tile, it is equally suitable for the modernisation of old buildings and halls, as well as for new building projects with characteristic roof designs.

Product Benefits

  • Adjustable tile with a range of approx. 10 cm
  • Easier installation, existing roof frame can be used
  • Pressed interlocking roofing tile in compliance with DIN/EN 1304 with much better quality characteristics than stipulated
  • Waterproof, frost-resistant, breathable
  • 6.8 kg per tile
  • Approx. 5.6 - 6.5 pcs. per sqm depending on batten dimensions

Colours & Surfaces


Technical Data

Total width 38 cm
Total length 60 cm
Average tilling width 33.6 cm
Tilling length 46.0 - 54.0 cm
Tiles required per sqm 5.6 - 6.5 pcs. (depending on batten dimensions)
Weight per tile 6.7 kg
Weight per sqm min. 38.08 kg (depending on batten dimensions)
Standard roof pitch 22°
All dimensions are approximate. Tolerances in compliance with DIN EN 1304. Subject to change without notice.