NIBRA® Combined Tile R 10

NIBRA® Combined Tile R 10 (adjustable tile)

The basic form of this tile dates back to the 19th century and it has the classic form of the Rhineland tile. Optimisations allow it to be variably adapted to batten widths of 30 to 42 centimetres. Once installed, this tile provides a subdued rooftop look that fits in with many different styles of architecture.

Product Benefits

  • Pressed interlocking roofing tile in compliance with DIN/EN 1304 with much better quality characteristics than stipulated
  • Waterproof, frost-resistant, breathable
  • Standard roof pitch 25°
  • Tiles per sqm: approx. 9.5 - 13.3 pcs.

Colours & Surfaces


Technical Data

Total width 29.7 cm
Total length 48.7 cm
Average tilling width 25.2 cm
Tilling length with adjustable verge tiles 30.0 - 42.0 cm
Tilling length with verge tiles 40.0 - 42.0 cm
Tiles required per sqm 9.5 - 13.3 pcs.
Weight per tile 4.9 kg
Weight per sqm min. 46.55 kg
Standard roof pitch 25°
All dimensions are approximate. Tolerances in compliance with DIN EN 1304. Subject to change without notice.