Double-trough grooved Tile

Double-trough grooved Tile D 13 Ü

The D 13 Ü recreates the classic form of the double-trough grooved tile in a larger format. Around 12 tiles per square metre are quickly installed. This tile is used for both new buildings and modernisation projects.

Double-trough Grooved Tile D 15 Ü

Once a classic roof covering for agricultural buildings, the D 15 Ü double-trough grooved tile has also established itself in authentic renovations of old buildings. The D 15 Ü ideally complements for individual building concepts.

NIBRA® Double-trough Grooved Tile DS 10

The DS 10 is an adjustable tile with a variable overlap of around 10 cm. This large-format tile is associated with the advantage of cost-effective installation, even in retiling or roof renovation projects.

NIBRA® Tile DS 5 (adjustable tile)

The DS 5 plays a leading role in the Nibra concept of breaking new ground in roof design and cost-effective installation with large-format tiles. Weighing just around 6.1 kg, it is light on the installer and light on statics.

NIBRA® Triple-trough Grooved Tile MS 5

The MS 5 with 3 troughs continues the tradition of the double-trough grooved tile. As a large-area tile, it is equally suitable for the modernisation of old buildings and halls, as well as for new building projects with characteristic roof designs.



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