Concrete Roof Tiles

Crown Tile

The so-called "double Roman" form of the Crown Tile with its flat water run and middle ridge is ideal for very regular and understated rooftops. The rounded cut edge makes them storm-proof.

Finkenberg Tile

The classic roof tile. In series production since 1953. Many colours, innovative surfaces and new functions.


The simple, smooth design of this tile creates a geometric and linear roof appearance:
The new PLANUM is the "architect's roof tile" in the NELSKAMP range – for individual, architecturally creative roofs.


With its flowing "S" form, this tile creates soft-look rooftops. The rounded cut edges emphasise the visual impression and have the positive side-effect of greater storm safety.

Sigma Tile

The Sigma tile brings momentum to the roof landscape. The symmetrically curved form creates dynamic-looking rooftops, while its rounded cut edge offers greater storm safety.



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