Product Benefits

  • Produced in compliance with DIN/EN 490/491 with raised longitudinal interlock and much better quality characteristics than stipulated
  • Overlapping side interlock and triple base ribbing for optimum protection
  • Impermeable to water, resistant to frost and deformation, dimensionally precise with high compressive strength
  • Overlap: approx. 7,5 - 10,6 cm
  • Standard roof pitch 22°
  • Tiles per sqm: approx. 10 pcs.

Colours & Surfaces

LONGLIFE concrete roof tiles with high colour fastness and self-cleaning effect

Smooth – including the exposed edge: The fine surface of LONGLIFE roof tiles opens up a bright future for Nelskamp roofs. The advanced LONGLIFE technology means that the exposed edge now also has low porosity for permanent protection of the entire rooftop – and a visually harmonious look. LONGLIFE concrete roof tiles stay clean for a very long time – so they always look like new. Dirt, algae and moss cannot gain a hold, and rain acts like a shower for the roof.


Technical Data

Total width 34.0 cm
Total length 42.0 cm
Overlap 7.5 - 10.6 cm
Tilling width 30.0 cm
Tilling length 31.4 - 34.5 cm
Tiles required per sqm 10.0 pcs.
Weight per tile 4.45 kg
Weight per sqm 44.5 kg
Standard roof pitch 22°
All dimensions are approximate. Tolerances in compliance with DIN EN 490/491. Subject to change without notice.