Finkenberg Tile

Finkenberg Tile

The classic roof tile. In series production since 1953. Many colours, innovative surfaces and new functions.

Product Benefits

  • Produced in compliance with DIN/EN 490/491 with raised longitudinal interlock and much better quality characteristics than stipulated
  • Overlapping side interlock and triple base ribbing for optimum protection
  • Impermeable to water, resistant to frost and deformation, dimensionally precise with high compressive strength
  • Overlap: approx. 7,5 - 10,6 cm
  • Standard roof pitch 22°
  • Tiles per sqm: approx. 10 pcs.

Colours & Surfaces

  2. TOP 2000 S
  3. ClimaLife
  4. Comparison of concrete roof tile surfaces
LONGLIFE concrete roof tiles with high colour fastness and self-cleaning effect

Smooth – including the exposed edge: The fine surface of LONGLIFE roof tiles opens up a bright future for Nelskamp roofs. The advanced LONGLIFE technology means that the exposed edge now also has low porosity for permanent protection of the entire rooftop – and a visually harmonious look. LONGLIFE roof tiles stay clean for a very long time – so they always look like new. Dirt, algae and moss cannot gain a hold, and rain acts like a shower for the roof.

Like all Nelskamp roof tiles, the TOP 2000 S range is manufactured on state-of-the-art production lines using selected premium quality raw materials. The wide range of colour coatings satisfies all requirements of attractive and standalone roof design.

The ClimaLife roof tiles with titanium dioxide in the surface neutralise heating, traffic and industrial pollutants.

They interact with daylight to neutralise up to 90% of harmful substances. Even without sunlight, a neutralisation rate of up to 70% can be achieved. Titanium dioxide is a photocatalyst – i.e. it isn’t consumed in the chemical reaction. The rain takes care of the rest by simply washing away the now harmless substances.

ClimaLife – environmental protection under a clean roof.

  • The first roof tile to extract exhaust fumes from the air
  • The rain washes off dirt particles and atmospheric fine dust
  • Active degradation of pollutants by photocatalysis – a roof-life long
  • Controlled quality: TXActive®
  • Individual character with a natural matt surface
  • Ideal for urban roofs

TOP 2000 S

Concrete roof tiles with a high quality surface

Active self-cleaning
Colour fastness
Abrasion resistance
Effective anti-green growth coating


Concrete roof tiles with high colour fastness and self-cleaning effect – matt or gloss

Active self-cleaning
Colour fastness
Abrasion resistance
Effective anti-green growth coating


  • The low-porosity surface structure prevents dirt particles from gaining a hold on LONGLIFE roof tiles – the rain simply washes them off.
  • LONGLIFE technology delivers maximum resistance to UV radiation and weather effects. The result: permanent colour fastness.
  • LONGLIFE roof tiles are extremely wear-resistant. Their optimised surface protects the roof tiles, including the exposed edge.
  • The powerful self-cleaning effect also minimises the formation of lichen, moss and algae.
  1. All Surfaces
  2. Longlife glossy
  3. Longlife matt
  4. TOP 2000 S
  5. ClimaLife

Technical Data

Total width 34.0 cm
Total length 42.0 cm
Overlap 7.5 - 10.6 cm
Tilling width 30.0 cm
Tilling length 31.4 - 34.5 cm
Tiles required per sqm 10.0 pcs.
Weight per tile 4.5 kg
Weight per sqm 45.0 kg
Standard roof pitch 22°
All dimensions are approximate. Tolerances in compliance with DIN EN 490/491. Subject to change without notice.



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