Solar tile Planum PV XS

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Do you want a new roof covering with a modern design, sustainability, and a profitable technology? The Planum PV system combines all three, and is hardly noticeable on the roof. The overlapping Planum PV and Planum PV XS modules, like the smooth tiles, lie directly on the roof lathing for a uniform and even overall appearance.


The Planum PV XS module is supplied as a ready-to-install unit with the interlocking Planum tile seam at the side ends for easy, quick and safe installation. The variable overlap area permits a uniform roof layout, while the prefabricated cables with MC4 plugs allow for safe and simple connection of the powerful modules. Its smaller size of 0.2m² roof space and 600mm cover with allows a very flexible placement on the roof while making use of small areas aside (around windows or closely follwoing roof edges on hipped and tent roofs).

  • Modules interlock with the roof tile Planum
  • Delivered as a ready to install unit
  • Hanging nib and side interlock for swift, easy and secure laying
  • Only 2 screws per module
  • 15mm variable cover length
  • the extra small format makes maximum use out oft he roof area especially on hipped and tent roofs
  • Ca. 145Wp/m² roof area
  • Product guarantee: 10 years
  • Performance guarantee:
  • 10 years 90 % of rated performance
  • 25 years 80 % of rated performance






Module performance Pmax 29 Wp
Rated working current Im 8,92 A
No-load working voltage Voc 3,95 V
Short circuit current Isc 9,62 A
Maximum voltage Vmp 3,29 V
Maximum tested system voltage 600 V
Recommended system voltage up to ca. 600 V
Temperature coeffizient Voc -0,30 %/°C
Temperature coeffizient Isc +0,06 %/°C
Temperature coeffizient Pmpp -0,39 %/°C
Hail resistance according to IEC 61215 + IEC 61730
Cell efficiency 22,1 %
Module weight 3,2 kg
Module measures

cover width 5 tiles ca. 600mm cover length 325mm - 340mm

Roof pitch

≥ 25°
20° - 24° on request, bandage coverage recommended

Plugs MC4
Module cable 2 x 4,0 mm² je 550 mm lang
Stand: 06.10.2021. technical information subject to change.



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